Mint Flavored Dental Night Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Bruxism

OzDenta multifunctional dental protection with a modern design – patented ultraslim, thermo-moldable and reusable


Alleviate all your problems associated with teeth grinding with our self-moldable mouth guard. It has a patented slim design, soft dental grade material, and it’s easy to customize on your own!

If you struggle to sleep at nighttime because of teeth or jaw related problems, our night dental shield may be able to help. Protect your smile with our patented, bespoke fitting mouth guard designed to conform perfectly to your upper and lower teeth.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll have the finest thermoforming moldable anti teeth grinding mouth guard without having to see a medical professional. Just like getting an over-the-counter drug, you can order this tooth protector online without any prescription, and tailor it to your own teeth. To do so, place it in hot water until it softens, let it cool slightly, remove from the water with utensils, and then press it against your teeth until you get a tight-fitting guard that will stay firmly in place all night. Any small adjustments can be made using warm water to make the mouthpiece malleable.

This guard is thin, comfortable, and easy to wear. It won’t feel bulky in your mouth, as we have engineered this dental night guard to be slimmer than other custom guards of its kind. This adult mouth guard cushions your teeth from the force of clenching and prevents molars from grinding together, which not only protects your teeth against damage but will also help you sleep through the night.

Constructed of FDA-approved, high-quality materials, the OzDenta guard is BPA and latex-free. The OzDenta sleep aid offers you a reasonably priced and efficient solution to alleviate facial muscle pain, spasms, neck and joint pain, insomnia, shoulder pain and relief from constant headaches caused by oral complications.

Experience immediate results with our occlusal mouth guard and stop further dental damage due to grinding and clenching. We really want happy customers, so we’ll give you a second one for free. Use it for practice and get the best fit!