Moldable Hard Teeth Retainer

OzDenta multifunctional dental protection with a modern design – patented ultraslim, thermo-modular and reusable


• Moldable HARD Pre-Indentation Design, easiest to wear teeth retainer after braces.
• The patented slim design is what makes it so special among other Boil and Bite night guards: it is the easiest to wear without feeling bulky, uncomfortable or restraining, and without causing discomfort to the jaws.
• Individual adjustments are made by patients themselves, using hot water to soften and then molding it around the teeth using fingers.
• It fits very well with a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes, and mouth shapes.
• It is made from a new generation of dental grade material, which is both FDA approved and BPA free.
• The lifespan of each mouth night guard given a heavy daily use is about 5 years or longer
• Includes a total of 2 teeth retainers, molding instructions, and 1 antimicrobial case