Mint Flavored Bruxing Grind Guard for Teeth Grinding Bruxism


• Moldable SOFT dental Mint flavored night guard, specially designed to protect against Teeth grinding and TMJ disorders, which brings instant relief in pains and inconveniences related to Bruxism and TMJ disorders: relaxes jaw muscles and alleviates all the problems that teeth grinding and clenching may cause to body systems, such as facial muscle pain, spasms, neck and joint pain, insomnia, shoulder pain, and headaches. It is more comfortable at night with immediate results.
• The patented slim design is what makes it so special among other Boil and Bite night guards: it is the easiest to wear without feeling bulky, uncomfortable or restraining, and without causing discomfort to the jaws.
• Individual adjustments are made by patients themselves, using hot water to soften and then molding it around the teeth using fingers.
• It fits very well with a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes, and mouth shapes.
• It is made from a new generation of dental grade material, which is both FDA approved and BPA free.
• The lifespan of each mouth night guard given a heavy daily use is about 2 years or longer
• Includes a total of 2 night mouth guards, molding instructions and 1 antimicrobial case